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Karen Lynne – Actress Singer Dancer and Co Writer of KEEP DANCING and many other plays.

Karen Lynne Actress:

I have many years experience “in the Business” there are some highlights on my Spotlight page below:

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Spotlight: 7116-8976-2217

News on Missing Pieces Theatre Show

Missing Pieces has been retitled KEEP DANCING and is slated to appear as a showcase in the West End this year followed by a Major tour of the UK.

I co wrote this with Graham Howes and it is about my Family.

It has choreography by Richard Marcel from Strictly Come Dancing. I play my own Nana Vi Hauxwell.

We hope to also take KEEP DANCING to a TV series and have, by request, prepared a Pilot and an outline of a series for a major Independent Production Company. There is more on this project on the Missing Pieces Website:


Contact: Karen Lynne or Graham Howes

Missing Pieces Theatre Show Ltd.

Call: 07791762124

Email: karenlynne1@icloud.com

Spotlight: 7116-8976-2217

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I am a thirties buff – especially on such topics as the Golden Age of Hollywood, Errol Flynn, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Astaire and Rogers, Eleanor Powell and more!

I have written a play on Errol Flynn  ERROL FLYNN – A QUESTION MARK FOR A FACE which had a reading at the Aldwych Theatre in the West End of London. I’m re working that play at the moment. I consulted as an expert of the Australian TV Documentary on Errol Flynn. There is a BLOG post on Errol Flynn here

I co – wrote a play with Graham Howes on the real life of Gracie Fields which had a Major tour in which I also played Gracie Fields.

I have an interest in the First World War and have written a play about Vera Brittain and Roland Leighton called NEVER GOODBYE.

I have appeared as Actor Singer Dancer in many new shows including TOM AND CATH as Catherine Cookson, THE GOLDEN YEARS OF JACK BUCHANAN by Peter Woodward as Phyllis Monkman.

I worked with TOPOL in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 30th Anniversary at The Palladium and a National Tour. I played Flo Manero in the tour of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.

I played Helene Hanff in 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD

There is more on my acting work on my Spotlight web page please click the link below or enter my Spotlight Number at Spotlight.

Click to view my Spotlight CV

Call: 07791762124

Email: karenlynne1@icloud.com

Spotlight: 7116-8976-2217


Here are links to my Partner Graham Howes Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy site in Frinton on Sea Essex and Ipswich Suffolk and by Skype:

Graham Howes Hypnotherapy



Karen Lynne Actor Singer Dancer Writer

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